What to consider for your wedding marquee hire

When you hire a marquee for your wedding, it will often be the first thing your guests notice. It will also continue to be a focal point throughout the big day. Your guests will naturally be attracted to socialise and enjoy in the comfort of the marquee. With that said, it is crucial that when you decide to go ahead with your wedding marquee hire, you also consider the following:


Once the sun goes down it is crucial that the party keeps going. The most popular lighting for marquees is known as festoon lighting. Festoon lighting varies in length, shape and colour depending on the type. It is made up of a series of lights which are connected with an electrical cable. Our warm (yellowish colour) festoon lighting hire for example can be connected to for up to 100m in length and contain 96 bulbs. 

To add a touch of sparkle to your wedding marquee hire, our customers often also hire fairy lights. A tip from Eventspad to you though, don’t rely on fairy lights alone as they will not be bright enough.


Grass gets wet and muddy! And marquee flooring is there to save the day. If it rains in the days leading up to your wedding, you will want to seriously consider hiring marquee flooring. The last thing you need at your event is for guests to have muddy wet feet, right! 

Marquee flooring hire comes is several different types and obviously sizes. Flooring can be an expensive addition to your wedding marquee hire but trust us, it’s worth it. If you have a big budget available, wooden marquee flooring is often prefect. For those with a slightly smaller budget, but who would still like “hard marquee flooring”, plastic tiled flooring is a very good alternative, marquee hire companies offer this at an affordable price as it is easy to stack and store and often our customers have given us very similar levels of feedback from the wooden marquee flooring and plastic tiled marquee flooring. 

Take a look at our rola-trac marquee flooring to get a better sense of what plastic tiled marquee flooring looks like. Coir matting or Dandy Dura flooring is a good marquee flooring option if you are looking for “soft flooring” solutions.

Utility Cables

Marquees are great temporary shelters that are strong, sturdy and can withstand most of the weather that is thrown at them. Marquees are held down by stakes which are poles that are driven into the ground. It is common for stakes to be as long as 1m with some being longer. The stakes for our Trapeze Marquee for example are 1.2m long. With these being driven into the ground, there is always a chance of hitting a utility line beneath, such as an electricity cable a gas pipe or a water main. 

Getting the utility drawings from your wedding venue is a must. Always pass these on to the marquee hire company who is doing your setup. A simple free online tool which allows you to do a quick utility search is linesearch. However, we recommend that you do additional research on the utilities in the area. Hitting a utility cable will be a certain way to put a dampener on your wedding marquee hire.

Catering Area

when you hire a marquee for your wedding, there is often a lot more that goes on around the event. You might have a sit down meal planned or you may just have some light nibbles planned. Either way, you will need to consider having a catering area which will give the organisers some space to prepare the food and drinks. 

We often offer our customers our smaller traditional marquee to hire as a catering area in addition to our larger trapeze marquee. It frees up space and keeps the nitty gritty side of the event hidden from your guests.

Power Source

when you go ahead with a wedding marquee hire, the majority of time, you will need a power supply to the marquee. Whether it is for lighting, the DJ booth or for the caterers, you will need to think about how much power you will need and how to get it there. There are two solutions to get power to the marquee, the first and much cheaper option is to run an extension lead from the nearest plug socket.

Number of guests and Marquee size

 Your wedding is your big day, and you will want to share it with all your close friends and family. You will need space to accommodate your wedding guests. Ensure that when you go ahead with your wedding marquee hire that you speak to the marquee supplier about the capacity of the marquee you are looking to hire. If you are having a sit down meal in the marquee, it is always a good plan to ask your marquee hire company to supply you with a seating plan.

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